30 October 2005

Knitting ADD...

Broke down and started playing around with the Colinette. After a couple swatches, I decided to make my scarf in herringbone stitch. Man, this thing is dense. I've ended up using US15/10mm needles. Recommended size is US9/5.5mm. I think this is going to end up being a pull-through scarf because it's so thick. Also, I don't know if I'll have enough for a full scarf. We'll see. If this does, indeed, end up being a pull through scarf, I have three options: horizontal hole (easiest given it's hand-dyed), vertical (colors might end up wonky because it's hand-dyed), or pick up stitches and knit a little loop. The loop thing I've never tried. I know that SnB Nation has a scarf with a loop thing but I didn't bring any of my books to the UK with me. Also not sure how picking up stitches will work on herringbone. Anyway, I think what will happen is on the ends will be a 5x5 inch block in Peaches & Cream, 2.5 inches in Moss, 1 inch in Peaches & Cream, and everything in between Moss.

Still working on the first sleeve of the Sirdar sweater, but doing stockinette for so long and so much gets really boring. Hell, I even learned how to knit continental while working on this thing. I found that purling this way will probably be easier and fast once I get used to it. Knitting, however, is still really frustrating since I keep dropping stitches and my tension gets way off if I get into a rhythm.

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