10 October 2005

Obligatory info post...

Name: Kat
Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Student; job seeker; former library student assistant
Location: This is probably a longer-than-necessary answer but... Grew up in Idaho and it still is home in a way since I'm not permanently settled anywhere. Spent a few years in Seattle for college, lived in Brussels for a study abroad, lived in Iceland for an internship, currently in England for grad school, and after grad school who knows?

My grandmother, who lives in Hong Kong, taught me how to knit when I was wee but never taught me how to bind off. Either she never got around to it before the end of her visit or she just wanted to keep me occupied so that she could do her own thing. After knitting squares and rectangles on and off for years, I finally became a more serious knitter during college. A couple advantages to not knowing how to bind off until much later is that I was able to get my tension to near perfection and become an expert at frogging.

  • I rarely knit accessories. It's funny because I love accessories but unless they're scarves, I always forget to use them. As a result, I hold back on things like hats and gloves. They'll only sit around collecting dust.
  • Smiling in photos is an uncommon occurrence. I keep wanting to remedy this but it seems physically impossible. So for now, we'll just have to settle for me looking depressed or high.
  • I'm borderline obsessed with Scandinavian knitting, especially Iceland sweaters. Admittedly I only own The Best of Lopi and have only knitted one Icelandic sweater, but there shall be more to come.