04 November 2005


After getting a good 16 inches done of the Colinette scarf in herringbone, I decided I didn't like it and frogged the whole thing. I just started a swatch/scarf in two-color basketweave and this is turning out much better. Had to frog it after the first time because US15 needles were just too big (even though the two-color basketweave makes a dense fabric, too). US13 seems to be the way to go so far. Will see.

On sleeve #2 of the Sirdar sweater. I pinned up the first sleeve and put it on. It may look ginormous but it turned out to be okay. So last sleeve and then put it together.

Also just started the really easy Mary-Jane slippers from the Craftster Forum using the leftover Wendy DK from my Roman Stripe scarf.

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