06 February 2006

I must be insane...

When I was living in Iceland last summer, I fell in love with Icelandic sweaters (a.k.a. lopi peysa). Subsequently I bought The Best of Lopi hoping that would satisfy my new love. However, it doesn't have everything I like that I remembered seeing just walking around Reykjavík (read: more modernized/trendy version/whatever you want to call it). I already knew that Ístex offered free patterns to download but not in English, so I usually just shrugged it off and decided it wasn't meant to be.

But then I looked at Ístex again and 'lo and behold:

I want this sweater. I downloaded the pattern and am currently in the process of translating it. With my very basic Danish skills and whatever Icelandic I may possibly have picked up (which is to say I have no skill in Icelandic) while living there. Luckily I know the process of knitting Icelandic sweaters--bottom up, in the round, attach sleeves onto circ once you know everything to the underarms, fair-isle yoke, and steek the front if it's a cardigan. So I basically just need the stitch count and shaping. The chart doesn't seem too complex so I think I'm okay there.

Oh and yay, if I do go through with this, it will be my first time steeking. I'm actually looking forward to it. I think I'm mildly destructive--like I was one of those kids who was tempted to cut a handful of hair off (which I did last spring as a self-haircut), and I guess I'm one of those knitters who gets tempted to take chops at her knitting.