10 February 2006


I don't know what's sadder: that I can't watch Project Runway or that I want to watch Project Runway. Either way, I've been following the series online.

On a recent episode, the challenge was "inspiration." Each designer had to go around the city, take photographs, and choose one of the photographed objects to base a design on. Quite a clever idea. And now I'm doing it.

I've been inspired by oriental fans. I already like pleats, I like hand fans, and I'll in need of something "summery" to knit soon, so lets see if we can put this together somehow. I already have main color in mind. I just need to figure out what sort of image I want. Flowers are an obvious choice but I was also thinking of a bamboo design as it's consistent with the oriental fan theme (one of my favorite fans is made from bamboo). Then there's the choice of knitting in the design, embroidering it, or duplicate stitch. This will probably depend on the look of the design I decide on (solid colored or outlined?).



Anyway, I've gotten some nice feedback on the Union Square Market pullover from a couple places I've posted it on. I think one of the virtues of this sweater, which I forgot to mention in the FO post, is that it can look good on anyone. As I noted previously, I'd been following the KAL before I started working on it and have seen the many finished photos, and they all look lovely.