24 February 2006


The Pearl Buck jacket is coming along smoothly. I joined the KAL over at A Bluestocking Knits a bit ago. It technically doesn't start until March, but I happen to have a deadline--my mom's birthday in mid-March. My parents will also be going on a trip shortly after her birthday and I think this will be nice for her to take along. So I've been working on this steadily for the last couple weeks (not counting the week I was in Amsterdam). I have the back, yoke, and left front so far. Currently working on the right front. This is definitely a nice project for learning how cables work. I never understood the technical aspect of cables but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Also pulled out the pullover that was supposed to be my dad's Christmas present from under the bed and put it back on the needles. I figure if it's on needles, I'll be more likely to get around to finishing it. I'm actually surprised at how far I got before putting it down. I didn't realize that I had most of the body done already (just thought I had half the body done). So now I'm not too worried about getting it done before I go home for Easter Holiday. I may even be able to finish it in time to mail it home with the jacket.

I've decided on the type of yarn to use for my "inspiration" top. Well, almost. I've decided on Jaeger Siena. The local fabric store has just gotten in loads of cotton yarns (probably for the spring and summer), so I finally got a chance to see and feel the options. Still not sure which color. I've narrowed it down to cream, meadow, and phlox. Fortunately, this will be for the summer so I'm not in any rush to decide.