05 March 2006

Nearly there...

Sleeves and closure devices

I couldn't find the right type of zipper in the right color or length so I went with the alternative: sewing hooks onto ribbon and sewing that into the jacket. It's not perfect, mainly because the hooks have a tendency to shift a bit, but it will do. I'll ask my mom what she thinks and if she prefers a zipper, I can change it when I go home for Easter.

Also, the small sewing shop is having a sale on yarn. I did something that is kind of unusual for me and bought a few balls without having a project in mind (student budget and time constraints make it very difficult for me to really build up a stash). Anyway, I bought 1200m/1300yd of Wendy Supreme (100% mercerized cotton).

I think I'll be using it for a project that I've sketched out a couple times. It's light top with half-length sleeves and buttons running along the top of the sleeves. For a while thought I hit on a nifty idea. Then I found out that Phildar beat me to it. Oh well. At least the pattern will be my own. The Phildar top is from Tendances Printemps 1, no. 443. I would just buy the magazine but that pattern is the only thing I'd actually make.

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