12 March 2006

Spring is still not coming along...

And neither is the (un)Speckled Beret. I decided to unpick the waste yarn to see if the tubular cast on was actually done correctly, and the stitches on the cast on edge are live. I'm pretty sure I followed the pattern for the brim exactly, but I won't be able to double-check for at least another week (I let one of the ladies in my knitting group borrow the magazine for a look). All I have are some brief notes I scribbled down on where to make increases/decreases for the hat.

At any rate, I still get to frog angora. Fun times ahead! I'll probably end up referring to tubular cast on tutorials online and then working the beret pattern from there. Just to avoid another mishap.

In other news, I just realized that it seems like I'm on an Interweave kick what with all the projects from their magazines. In a way, I am. It's partly because all my knitting books are back home on the other side of the pond (magazines being much easier to transport) and partly because of the knitting resources I *do* have access to at the moment, Interweave is most likely to have things I'll actually wear.

However, I will be broadening my horizons soon. I've already cast on for a twist front top (my own pattern), which will be nice for spring. I will also be home for Easter holiday all of April, which is code for "I finally get to stock up on my stash and knit patterns from my collection at home." Along these lines, I'm sending my mom on a yarn hunt when she goes on her trip soon. I gave her a list with three yarn shops (could have chosen more but I decided to be nice) and types of yarn I'm looking for.