09 March 2006

Waiting for spring...

With something pink:

This is the beginning of the (un)Speckled Beret from the Winter 2005 issue of Interweave, which my Project Spectrum. I originally bought the Kimono Angora with the intent of making socks. Then I realized that I probably couldn't bring myself to wear angora socks so it is now on its way to becoming my first knit hat (took me long enough =P). The yarn is absolutely lovely to knit with--soft and doesn't shed--but it is on the delicate side. It has broken on my twice already and I'm even knitting looser than usual.

The beret pattern is a nice change from all the sweaters I've been knitting, as well. I am a little worried about the tubular cast on, though. I remember reading the tubular cast on tutorial on Amelia Raitte and the instructions given in the pattern do not really match up at all. So far, I can't really tell how the cast on edge stays intact once I remove the waste yarn on the hat.