13 May 2006

Flogging the proverbial horse...

Episode 23 of Cast-On sums up this past month and a half of knitting pretty well.

First off is the Peacock Feathers Shawl, which I now call the Shawl Without End.

I'm on the edging now but it's so big that it takes me 20-30 minutes to work one row. When I went to my knitting group yesterday, I found that during the whole hour and a half I was there, I only finished two rows. A long way from the three stitches I started out with.

Then there are the Norwegian Stockings.

I had to completely frog it once because the tension was wonkey--loose in some places and tight in others. I spent a week away from it before restarting. This time my stranding was fine. I just happen to keep running into problems with the heel and foot. Once I *thought* I finally had it right, I realized that the pattern at the top of the foot was off center by one stitch. This one stitch was noticeable enough to me that I had to frog the foot, heel, AND heel flap. I think all these problems should be a sign that these stockings are not meant to be, but I just refuse to give up on them. Even if it drives me crazy.

Funny thing is, I started the Norwegian Stockings to keep me from going insane while working on Peacock Feathers.

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