09 July 2006

World Cup knitting...

I did not participate in the Knitting World Cup. I did, however, get plenty of knitting done while watching World Cup games.

The backwards cowl top has been frogged. The fabric that the Jaeger Java makes is just too stiff, and I can't get a nice drape out of it. Instead, I'm searching for another sleeveless top pattern for myself. Since I only need a few balls of this yarn to make one, I had decided to use the rest for a top for my mom--Orangina to be precise.

Left: Four balls worth of Java compared to one. A tube of foam makes it seem like there's more yarn in each ball. Right: Oragina swatch.

During the World Cup Final tonight, I was knitting this:

I haven't been this giddy about a project in a while. Plus, it helped alleviate some World Cup frustration and disappointment. I can't be too sad when I've accomplished quite a bit of something I really like. I'm still speechless about that head butt, though Oh, Zidane! Pourquois?

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