15 January 2007

Reknit: Ribbon Tie Cardigan...

Which I'm still not happy with.

This was the first sweater I knit when I was still twisting my purl stitches. I got quite a bit of wear out of it and figured I may as well knit it again the right way. It looks much better than before (and the yarn was still okay despite being unraveled and re-used). The only problem is that in the year since I last wore it (I decided not to take much with me to school in England), my personal style and taste aged a bit as I got closer to going out in the real world and working in professional office settings.

Or as my mother puts it, I'm getting old. =P This cardi just isn't for me anymore.

This could pass as a child's cardigan, though. I think I'll include it with this year's contribution to the Dulaan project.

As for my current RIP, well, let's just say all that 2x2 ribbing isn't a lot of fun. Just to keep me from getting too bored I started a new, but small, project.

This is sock 1/2 of Widdershins in Koigu KPPPM for my mom. We went to a yarn shop a few towns over where I saw Koigu in person for the first time. I picked out a couple skeins of a deep purple for myself to try and told my mom if there was anything she wanted, she could pick out the yarn. She decided to go for socks in this pink/purple/blue colorway.

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