03 August 2007

Late start...

I finally started Mystery Stole 3 and have been able to complete a clue a day so far.

Clues 1 and 2. Just started Clue 3 today when Clue 5 was posted and the theme revealed. I think I'm going to go ahead with the asymmetrical stole rather than make it symmetrical. It's all in the fun of not knowing what I'm knitting, right? I could always make another one and in a more appropriate color for the theme although it does look quite nice in violet.

Speaking of which, at least I started this round of Project Spectrum on time. =)

I'm also ridiculously fascinated by this teeny crochet hook I'm using, and it's not even the smallest hook in existence! Totally put my macro skills to the test.

Size 13/0.85mm hook with 8/0 Czech seed beads in Amethyst

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