16 September 2007

FO: Felted Clogs...

Two down, one to go on the deadline knitting.

Something comfy for a mom-to-be.

Pattern: Felted Clogs by Bev Galeskas from Fiber Trends
Yarn: Cascade 200 Wool in navy, 2 hanks; Cascade 220 Heathers in blue, 1 hank
Needles: US13/9mm Denise Interchangeables
Time: 3 days and forever to dry

Notes: Nothing much to say about these that probably already hasn't been said. Quick and easy pattern. Great for instant gratification. I felted these in the sink instead of in the machine. Seemed like a waste of electricity to run the machine just for these and it worked out okay (although I did work up quite a sweat). I did have to throw them in the dryer for 20 minutes to shrink them a little more. They took forever to dry. Then I realized I should put them in front of a fan, and that did the trick.

I'm currently blocking a baby hoodie, which is the last thing I need to get done before I send out this package. I'm still waiting for a zipper that I had to order since I couldn't find one short enough.

Just have pictures of the back and fronts for now.

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