09 February 2006

FO: Union Square Market Pullover...

Pattern: Union Square Market Pullover by Kate Gilbert (Interweave Knits Fall 2005)
Start/Finish: Jan. 12-Feb. 9, 2006
Yarn: Peruvian Collection Baby Cashmere from Elann - Cashmere Blue (1620) and Parchment (100); approx. 1000yds/915m MC and 150yds/140m CC
Needles: 24"/60cm Inox circular size US3/3.25mm; 32"/80cm Susan Bates Silverado circular size US3/3.25mm
Modifications: Adjusted for row gauge change on divided part of body; sleeves


I hit gauge exactly when working in the round. However, when I divided for the front and back on the body, I found that my row gauge was looser (the stitch gauge was not affected, oddly enough). I'd been following the Union Square KAL for a while but thought it was too late to join by the time I decided to make this (turns out that I could have joined late). The KAL was a great resource, especially regarding the sleeves.

I, like several before me, modified the sleeve cuff so that it wouldn't be so wide. I cast on 76 stitches instead of the 92 in the pattern, knit the short row sections in pattern, increased evenly for the first half (to the elbow) where I worked the rest in pattern. I also made the sleeves about an inch shorter. I originally started the left sleeve with Prym DPNs (after a couple failed attempts at magic loop with provisional caston on another circ). Halfway through the sleeve, I got frustrated with the ladders that were occurring. I normally don't have a problem with ladders when using DPNs but then again, I normally use Addi or bamboo DPNs. I think the problem here was the combination of a lighter fabric and heavier needles. I ended up frogging back to one inch above the cuff and switching to magic loop (successfully) for the sleeves.

The buttons are from C&H Fabrics, a local fabric chain and more or less the only place to buy craft materials around here. I thought about looking for buttons the last time I was in London but then, I'm not normally too picky about my buttons. Either way, I really like the ones I picked up. I wanted something silvery but also natural-looking and got just that. I also cheated a tad on the button loops. For the sake of efficiency (and laziness), I took leftover lengths of the twisted cords from the first set of button loops and just attached them for the last set.

This is probably my best sweater-knitting effort so far. I've knit about four sweaters and of all four, I'm especially proud of this one. My seaming has improved a great deal from last fall, let alone from my first sweater a year ago. I also love the color. I normally prefer darker colors but the cashmere blue is nice and subtle for a sweater with such a unique structure. The fabric is light but warm (yay, alpaca!). This one will definitely be worn many times.

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