17 June 2006

FO: Hedera...

After Dulaan knitting, rather than soldier on with my current projects I took a fun little break:

Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A. from Knitty.com
Yarn: Sunbeam St. Ives in "heather" (#3032); approx. 300yds/273m
Needles: Addi Turbo DPNs size US1-ish/2.5mm
Mods: Shortened heel flap.


I originally started this late last month as a traveling project when I met up with a friend in London. I got about halfway through with one sock and forgot about it until I mailed off the Dulaan donation. It's a pretty quick and easy knit, and the pattern was simple to memorize. I would say it took me a little over a week to complete. Would have taken less except I had to go back and fix mistakes when I found out the pattern had quite a bit of errata. I also had a problem with the height of the heel given in the pattern. I tried on the first complete sock, saw that it was much too loose around the ankle (not to mention it looked funny), so I frogged back to the end of the leg. I ended up doing 16 repeats of the heel flap instead of the 24 for a total of 32 rows instead of 48. I also worked 16 lace repeats instead of 14 on the leg but that was an accident I decided to go with. That little bit of extra length worked out since I shortened the heel, anyway.

Admittedly, that's not a great picture I posted. It seems socks on feet, especially lacey socks, are rather difficult to photograph properly. I'm sure the lack of natural light (I live on the ground floor/basement of my dorm with a tiny window) and the unblocked state of the socks didn't help much, either. The thing about how I block socks is (well, for the very few times I've ever knit socks) is that I just throw them in wash with the rest of my laundry and then I lay them out to dry. Hey, I already find sock knitting enough of a chore, may as well make something a little easier, right?

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