02 January 2007

Re-knit 2007...

Now that the holidays have officially ended with a 43-42 win by BSU in the Fiesta Bowl (go Broncos!!!), I can get back to the knitting.

I'm normally not one for New Year's resolutions, but this is about as close to one as I'll get. After re-knitting the Sirdar pullover for my mom, I decided to start the new year by re-visiting a couple older knits that either have some pretty noticeable mistakes (mostly from when I first picked up knitting seriously), I'm not completely happy with, or I never use and could use the yarn for something else. I'll still be going through my slow destash process but that shouldn't be too difficult considering the vast majority of my stash is leftovers. I've bought yarn without a project in mind on only two occasions and have only been gifted yarn twice.

The current re-knit in progress, which I will call "RIP" from here on, is my first garment, the Ribbon Tie Cardigan from the Spring/Summer 2005 issue of Knit.1. The reason for this is because when I picked up the needles again after years of no knitting, I was purling through the back loop causing my stitches to twist. This was how I thought my grandmother taught me back when I was wee. Anyway, we can't have a cardi (that's still in use) with wonky, twisted stitches, can we? So I ripped it out a couple days ago and started working on the back. It looks much better so far. The tension's much more even, as well.

My next re-knit will be a relatively newer one: the Ballet Wrap from Interweave Spring 2005). The sash is just too long for my taste so I'm planning on making it a few inches shorter on each end. Good thing I saved my notes for this pattern.

There's also a Lopi pullover that I knit two summers ago but never mentioned. This is because the neck ended up too tight and I could barely put it on. This was also my first attempt at stranded knitting and grafting, the latter of which I failed miserably. I'll be ripping out the entire yoke (but not the body) and re-knitting the colorwork. Plus, I now know how to do the sewn bind-off so no more tight collar!

These are my main re-knit projects, which will take priority for now. Afterwards, I'll get back to knitting new projects and re-visit the accessories (scarves with twisted stitches and badly woven ends, fingerless mitts, etc.) on the side.

Speaking of new projects, it turns out I noted the gauge of my swatch for the split neck raglan incorrectly. Consequently, I had to rip out the entire body, which had me depressed for a while (so much knitting wasted!). Now the Felted Tweed has been wound into an uber ball (I used felted join method and couldn't find where each ball met) waiting for me to rebuild my motivation.

BTW, I've gone through four toilet paper tubes in six months, not to mention the time it takes to wind yarn by hand. Think it's time I invest in a ball winder? Then again knitters of yore had no such gadgets and still did just fine.