06 February 2006

FO: Ballet Wrap...

Pattern: Ballet Wrap by Norah Gaughan (Interweave Knits Spring 2005)
Start/Finish: Dec. 18, 2005-Jan. 10, 2006
Yarn: KnitPicks Andean Silk in slate (23519); Approx. 1110yds/1015m
Needles: Denise US6/4mm and US7/4.5mm circs
Modifications: Adjustments for different row gauge; shortened sleeves


This was a very quick and easy knit--I would say it took me about two weeks for the actual knitting. However, I tend to get lazy when it comes to seaming so this piece wasn't actually finished until a bit later.

My stitch gauge matched the pattern, but the row gauge was off. Sometimes it matters, sometimes it doesn't. I would say that due to the way the garment is constructed, it does matter in this case. I had to cut out a couple short row sections on the sash and adjust for the length of the body.

I didn't care for the long, wide-ish sleeves in the pattern. I personally prefer 3/4, fitted sleeves as they make my hands and wrists feel freer to work. I ended up casting on 54 stitches instead of 66, worked the ribbed cuff for two inches instead of five, and only worked one more inch of stockinette before starting the increases in pattern. I cut off about seven inches from the total sleeve length (cuff to shoulder cap).

I used less than 11 balls of Andean Silk. I originally bought 16, two extra balls from what I needed because I'd read of a couple people who needed an extra ball or two than what the pattern calls for. Of course, since I did shorten the sleeves I had extra left over, but after some calculating I found that I probably would not have used more than the amount specified in the pattern if I did make the full sleeves. Well, each knitter knits differently, I suppose, but it's always safer to have more yarn than less.

Overall, I love this sweater. I've worn it twice so far. My only complaint is the length of tied ends of the sash. I originally wanted to make each end about four inches shorter, but when I tried working it out, I couldn't figure out where the extra length was coming from in the photos. It wasn't until it was finished and I tried it on that I realized that the slit in the back was why the ties were so long. That was a *smacks self* moment.

Now if only I can figure out how not to look stoned in photos...

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