10 November 2006

No second sock syndrome for me...

I generally have a lot of trouble completing the first sock, but I make up for it in how much I like pairs. I just see the first lone, sock and immediately cast on for the second. It's gone pretty quickly now. I have the leg finished in just one day--I worked on it more since this photo was taken.

Besides, the wool I used for Hedera irritates my skin, so I ended up giving them to my mom who doesn't find them itchy at all. Now I don't have a cozy pair of wool socks to keep me warm this winter (the Norwegian and Argyle stockings are too thick and tall for wearing around the house).

Of course, where I gain motivation for second socks I completely lose it for sleeves.

I finished the back and fronts of Brilliant Retro a while ago. I've just been slow with the sleeves. I'm working both at the same time to prevent any "second sleeve syndrome" but am only halfway through with the cuffs. Yeah, slow. I'm hoping the cold weather will motivate me more into finishing the cardi up.

Colchique is pushed back even further now. I figured out a different project for the Felted Tweed in my stash and am working on the sketches and math for it. I've also been distracted with a few new magazines in my possession:

Three Phildar magazines (Twenty No.458, Automne 1 No.453, and Automne 2 No. 456) and the latest Interweave. My favorites are the motorcycle jacket from Twenty, the split neck sweater from Automne 1, and the swing jacket and asymmetrical cardigan from Automne 2. There are also several I'd really like to make from Interweave, but I think I'll put them off until next year. Well...with the exception of the Wine and Roses Mitts, which will also be a destash project.

Yeesh. It's gonna be a busy winter.

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