17 February 2007

Reknit: Ballet Wrap

The sash is finally shortened. It probably wouldn't have bothered me if I hadn't noticed a couple inches of the ends peaking out of the bottom of my trench coat one day. I think its weight helped drag it down. I shortened the sash by five inches on each side. It's long enough to stay tied but short enough that it doesn't get in the way of normal life.

In other news, I have one sleeve and the collar to Gacci to go.

I seamed up one side of the cardi and set in the first sleeve just to make sure it puffed the way I liked. Originally, I made the top of the sleeve cap twice as wide as it was supposed to be and used the one-over-two bind-off method. This didn't produce as much puff as I'd hoped for, partly due to the rib drawing the fabric in, and I found it hard to seam. I ripped back a bit and inserted a couple short rows and bound off by doing k2tog, k2tog, sl first stitch over, etc. This was easier to seem and I liked the end result much better.

The body pieces were much easier to figure out than I expected.

I knitted the pieces sideways starting with the body half. I increased over a couple rows for the armhole shaping before casting on the remaining stitches necessary for the entire armhole. On the back, I bound off the same number of stitches cast on earlier and decreased over the the last couple rows. The front neck shaping is achieved with short rows. I used the yarn-over method and ended up having to fiddle with the yo's on one of the front pieces so that the turning rows wouldn't be visible on the right side. Rather than reversing the shaping for one of the fronts, I simply reversed the rib. For example, If I started the left front K2,P2 I would start the right front as P2, K2. Then I can work the shapings exactly the same for both pieces.

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