18 January 2006

Computer woes...

The fan in my laptop stopped running so I won't be able to upload photos until that's taken care of. Hopefully within a week since I have photos going back to October that need to be uploaded before I run out of memory.

In happier news, the Ballet Wrap is officially complete--seamed and even completely dry from a last round of blocking. Also, as you can see in the sidebar, I'm well into the Union Square pullover.

11 January 2006

A new year brings more knitting...

Only now I can knit for myself. I'm 95% finished with the ballet wrap from Interweave Spring 2005. Just need to attach the sash, possibly block it (I steam-blocked the pieces before assembling), and it will be done. Pictures of the finished product along with the process and a review of the pattern will be posted soon.

Speaking of pictures, I will also need to post photos of the socks I knit for my brother and his wife for Christmas. They were well-received and now I'm mildly addicted to sock knitting. I'm definitely more into garments but socks will be nice as traveling projects. I found I can knit one sock during a trans-Atlantic flight so that works out perfectly.

My mom also loved the Sirdar sweater I knit her for Christmas. It turns out that her recent weight loss has put her right in between two sizes in the pattern and given that the top is supposed to be on the baggy side anyway, I could have gone a size down. I'll probably do some altering with the seams next time I'm home, but overall, the effort was very much appreciated.

Dad's yoked pullover did not get done but that's okay. His was a big and boring project but as long as I get it done by the time I go home for Easter holiday, it should be fine. Also knit two gift bags from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts for my brother's in-laws. Unfortunately, no photos because, well, they were last-minute. But I'm sure I will be knitting more of those bags in the future. They're quick, cute, and fun to knit.

As for new knitting, I have some really good sketches done of the cowl cardigan. I was going to use some fingering weight yarn I had in my stash but after some thought, I've decided that a DK or worsted weight will suit this piece more. So now I'm left wondering what to do with 1200 yards of fingering weight yarn. If I'm really that desperate to use it, I'll probably end up turning it into a giant, lace tablecloth.

I just received an order of yarn from Elann and have started swatching for the Union Square Market pullover from the Fall 2005 Interweave. Can you tell I like this magazine? Also bought the wool for the hooded jacket from Vogue Holiday 2005. Didn't bring it back to school with me, though. Since it's a jacket, I figured I can make it anytime and use it in the evenings or on breezy days, so that will be a sitting on my ass at home in April project.

And let me assure you all again, I will post pictures up. Soon. Promise.