16 November 2005

I couldn't help myself...

As soon as I got my DPNs in the mail, I had to start knitting the socks. Normally I'm good about not having a lot of projects on needles, but I was too excited. I never knit socks before, and I really wanted to try it ASAP. So far, I have the first sock of the first pair I'm making halfway done.


13 November 2005

One down...

After five weeks, the Sirdar sweater is done! Also, best seaming job I've ever done. Normally I suck at seaming. It's why I quit sewing. But I took my time and it turned out well. I used the Sirdar Breeze #8384 pattern and knit it in Sirdar Country Style DK in heather.

The finished product.

I've also gotten a couple inches into the yoked pullover. I'm using the Father and Son yoked pullover pattern (I can't find a link to it that works at the moment) from Knitting Digest only I'm doing it in one color.

The above photo also shows off my new little toy. This has freed up my other counter since I'll need it for other projects. I kind of left my DPNs at home and I don't want to buy any more so I'll be doing the sleeves to the this sweater at home. A couple other nice things about this counter is it doubles as a stitch marker, I'll remember to change the number since I'll pass it everytime I finish a row, and it was only £1. Good deal.

In other news, after thinking about it for almost a year I finally decided to get Interweave's Spring 2005 issue so that I can do the Ballet Wrap I've been coveting. The thing that really made me hesitant was the recommended yarn, Naturally Merino et Soie, costs about $8/skein so the cardi would end up costing over $100 to knit. Luckily, I found an alternative at KnitPicks--Andean Silk. Pretty much the same fibers only Andean Silk has the added bonus of alpaca and about the same guage. My parents let me get it as a birthday present. Definitely looking forward to going home for the holidays now.

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10 November 2005


I ordered sock yarn from a major British online knitting store. Sock yarn was advertized as being accompanied by a free pattern. Received sock yarn today. Said free pattern is in German. It'd be nice if they, I don't know, specified this on an English website. Also, cannot knit socks yet because needles ordered for socks were not in the package.

06 November 2005

So close, yet so far...

I have 1/3 of a sleeve left on the Sirdar sweater and guess what?

Yep. Out of yarn. Will have to get another skein tomorrow. In the meantime, guess I'll have to work on this:

The two-color basketweave stitch scarf in the Colinette I bought at Loop. Darn.

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04 November 2005


After getting a good 16 inches done of the Colinette scarf in herringbone, I decided I didn't like it and frogged the whole thing. I just started a swatch/scarf in two-color basketweave and this is turning out much better. Had to frog it after the first time because US15 needles were just too big (even though the two-color basketweave makes a dense fabric, too). US13 seems to be the way to go so far. Will see.

On sleeve #2 of the Sirdar sweater. I pinned up the first sleeve and put it on. It may look ginormous but it turned out to be okay. So last sleeve and then put it together.

Also just started the really easy Mary-Jane slippers from the Craftster Forum using the leftover Wendy DK from my Roman Stripe scarf.

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