29 May 2007

FO: Print o' the Wave...

Successfully moved across the country and finally finished another project.

I'm still trying to figure out how to wear it.

Pattern: Print o' the Wave stole by Eunny Jang
Yarn: KnitPicks Shadow in Jewels Heather, 2 hanks
Needles: 32" US3/3.25mm Susan Bates Silverado circ, 24" US3/3.25mm Inox aluminum circ, US3/3.25 Inox aluminum DPNs, 32" US2/2.75mm Susan Bates Silverado circ
Time: 2.5 months


I started this in early March and just finished it a few days ago. Progress was stalled while I moved and got settled in my new place, so I still consider it a Project Spectrum piece.

The lace patterns for the body and edging were easy to memorize. It was just the size of the stole that made it take so long to finish. I only had a few yards of yarn left, so I'm glad I went down a needle size. That and it would have been huge if I'd used the suggested US4/3.5mm's.


I finished the first of my Tofutsie socks before the big move, but I haven't had the motivation to work on the second sock. Instead, I started on Isabella from this spring's Knitty with some yarn I had in the stash. It'll be a nice summer top, especially for the weather here.

I don't have all my knitting stuff with me. Well not my books, magazines, and half my stash, anyway, so I need to rethink my upcoming projects list. Although I suppose this would be a good time to get caught up on Dulaan knitting. I only have two items knitted so far.

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